Why a private plane?

Enjoy some huge advantages by choosing a private aircraft or business jet!

These are the key advantages


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Use a fast, flexible and clever way of travelling

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Set the date, time and destination of your flight yourself

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Safe time by using seperate terminals and avoid queues on the airport

Flugzeug Landung icon

Get closer to your destination by the capability of using little airstrips

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Find new holiday locations independant from mass tourism and airline destinations

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Fly with professionally maintained aircraft on highest standards

Konferenztelefonat iconTight schedule? – discuss your business in flight

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Get your business connected with your own company shuttle

Aufgabenliste icon

Running out of time? – get more things done on the same day

Saftflasche iconGet coffee, drinks and sweets – or a complete catering on your whishes on board

Gepäckwagen iconDon’t waste time by waiting for your baggage – take it with you in and  out of the aircraft

Lebensmittel liefern iconDon’t risk late delivery – send your urgent goods with the airplane


Places of operation in Romania:


for international flights

Airfields Airstrips
(MS894 only)
Baia Mare

Cioca (Timisoara)