These aircraft are currently operated by us on behalf of their owners:

Pilatus PC 12 NG

Some key facts about the PC 12:

Cruise speed: 275 kts / 510 km/h
Passengers: 8-9
Payload: ~ 1000 kg
Range: up to 3300 km

Aircraft location:
EDTD – Donaueschingen (Germany)

The Pilatus PC 12 is the „swiss army knife“ in the business aircraft category. The aircraft was designed for the smallest and unpaved runways combined with the best performance in it’s class.

The big cabin has space for up to 8 passenger seats and one toilet, but can be modified within minutes into a cargo airplane. The huge cargo door makes loading of baggage easy or gives you even the chance to load complete cargo palettes. The PC 12 is also famous for it’s capability to operate as „flying hospital“, e.g in the Australian Outback.

The powerful PT-6 turbine engine has 1200 SHP and gives the aircraft the opportunity to be operated from the smallest airstrips. A good example is Courchevel airport in the french alps. As you see, an aircraft for any purpose.

The PC 12 is an economic aircraft, combined with it’s big fuel capacity it can stay in the air for more than 6 hours, flying over 3000km – a bigger range then most of the business jets with the same size.

Modern avionic and swiss quality make the PC 12 the most reliable single engine aircraft. You can truly say, it’s the best in its class.

Piper Pa 46-500 TP „Meridian“

Some key facts about the Meridian:

Cruise speed: 255 kts / 470 km/h
Passengers: 4-5
Payload: ~ 350 kg
Range: up to 1800 km